Sparks of Joy – Sunshine

Now this isn’t just sunshine. This is a series of events leading to the happy feeling I have now. The first event was horrible rain and wind which gave a baseline for the day – ‘It’s a crappy day, I feel miserable, I won’t even get out for a walk today’. Then my big cat decided he wanted to go outside, despite the horrible weather. This made me feel sad, I like it when he’s here sleeping next to me while I work. I just got on with my work anyway and resigned myself to the less than ideal conditions. After a while I heard an almighty clatter as hailstones started to hammer out of the sky. I went to the back door to watch and saw my gorgeous big cat running towards the door, trying to escape the sudden violent weather. I’ve never seen him happier to see me opening the door for him. I felt a lift. I gave him a little rub with a towel and watched as the hail slowed down and stopped. A little context is needed now – The big cat was a stray who adopted us and who has now made himself very at home with us. We also recently adopted a beautiful little kitten, who is getting bigger by the day, but I will refer to as the little cat. Big cat didn’t like little cat at all at first. He would leave as soon as she came in the room. Gradually they’re getting used to each other, but there have been moments where I’ve wondered if this is going to work. Now back to today. Big cat was so relieved to be in out of the hail that he took no notice of little cat. He just hopped up onto his chair and went to sleep. She attempted to get his attention a couple of times, but eventually curled up on her blanket and fell asleep too. So both of my cats are asleep in the same room! And then the sun came out. Bright, warm, yellow, sparkly sunlight shining through the windows onto everything. Even just remembering that moment is bringing a happy tear to my eye. And they’re both still asleep now. And I’m happy.

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