Big Cacao Weekend coming up!

Next weekend I’m at the Wedoyoga Summer Festival all day on Saturday 13th August with a Cacao opening ceremony then talking Cacao and Therapy, then it’s my monthly Cacao ceremony on Sunday 14th!

This feels exciting for a number of reasons. Firstly, on Sunday we will have our ceremony at my very dear friend Claire’s studio. This is the first time I’ve held anything in her space, usually it’s where I go for me – for yoga and for sound baths, so this feels really lovely!

Secondly, the energy of holding a cacao ceremony for big groups at the last Wedoyoga festival was amazing, so I can’t wait to be there again!

And finally, I recently did more Cacao training with the beautiful Natalie Namaste and feel so connected to the Cacao at the moment, so I’m delighted to have the opportunity to share it with so many people next weekend!

You can find more information about my Cacao ceremony in the events page, and head over to https://www.wedoyogafestival.com for tickets to the festival on Saturday.


Last Minute Cacao and Yoga Nidra this Saturday!

I’m feeling called to offer a space for us to gather this coming Saturday and have decided that the beautiful partnership of a Cacao ceremony and Yoga Nidra feel the perfect combination.

If you haven’t attended one of these before, you’re in for a treat! The beautifully heart opening and soothing properties of Cacao combined with the deeply relaxing and peaceful nature of Yoga Nidra make for a simply gorgeous afternoon.

You don’t need any experience of either – I will just check food sensitivities with you before you come – and you just need to bring along things to make you comfortable for a cosy relaxing afternoon – a yoga mat, pillow, blanket and a small mug or cup for your cacao.

Because it’s so short notice and I would really love for people to join me, I’m only charging £20 for the 2 hours including your cacao and refreshments.

Contact me to book or for more information on booking@suzanne-johnson.co.uk

Cacao Ceremonies Coming Up

It has been so wonderful in the last month or so to get back to offering Cacao Ceremonies to groups. I can’t tell you how valuable it is to be in that collective energy. So I have set a couple more dates for the New Year and hope to see you all at one or more!

Coming up first on 16th January I’m collaborating with Su Chanprasong for our Second Cacao and Yin Yoga workshop together. The first was over at the yurt at Souland Yoga in Elstree last weekend and it was just beautiful, so we’re both excited to gather again. We will be journeying together with Cacao, Yoga Nidra and Yin Yoga and you can expect an afternoon of deep relaxation and connection as we set our intentions for the year to come. It’s just before the Full Wolf Moon so a powerful time to be intention setting!

The second is pure Cacao and connection on Saturday 19th February. This will be a chance to go deep with the spirit of Cacao. We will spend the afternoon working on any blocks we have to receiving and giving love. This will be an opportunity for sharing and working collectively to shift any barriers we have to love. We will be sharing practices to open our hearts and letting go of anything that weighs us down or holds us back. I can’t wait to share this powerful practice with you all.

Booking and further information for both of these events is by emailing booking@suzanne-johnson.co.uk

The Website is nearly finished!

After many months of fiddling and adjusting, the website is almost ready to go! I’m not sure if I will get to the point where I feel it is totally finished as I’m sure there will always be something to move or wording to play with so I may just get on and share it now. So if you’re reading this, I would love to hear what you think and if there’s anything missing or any feedback, positive or constructive!


Every morning, one of the first things I experience is my two cats chasing each other through our home. Incessantly. They run and they run, they play and they chase. I try picking one up to calm them down and encourage something slower and more relaxed, but they’re so in their game they scramble to get back to it. Until they have worn themselves out, then they want to eat breakfast and go to sleep.

I am trying to find some energy this morning as feel extra tired (I think because it’s been so warm this week and sleep has been difficult) so am trying to channel some of this high energy from the cats. This morning I have lots to get done and I’ve realised that I get more done if I’m in a rush – if there’s lots I need to do in a short space of time. And when there’s all the time in the world I just can’t find that same productivity.

I wonder if any of you can relate to this? There’s a saying, something like ‘if you want something done, give it to a busy person.’ And from my work with my clients I have come across many others who work most productively when there is a little pressure. And if that pressure isn’t there, it’s almost impossible to get things done.

I’ve found from experience (both my own and my clients) that the best thing to do is to wholeheartedly embrace this way of working. Like the cats – put 100% energy into the game, the chase and then rest when the pressures off – eat and sleep.

Rather than feeling guilty for not steadily getting things done and adding extra stress by leaving things until the pressure is on, accept that this is how you work best. Accept that the pressure is what drives you and embrace the rest that comes before and after.

Be driven when you are driven. And look after yourself extra in the down times to compensate. And most of all accept yourself, exactly as you are. Why fight against it?

The fight against our nature is what can cause the extra stress, and shame and guilt and feeling of inadequacy.

So why not give it a try? What have you got to lose? (Other than stress, shame etc etc). If this is how you work anyway, give yourself permission!

(Of course, this isn’t everyone’s way of working so the opposite applies too – if you work better slow and steady and find pressured situations tough – find ways to get extra time on projects, make plans to schedule jobs to ensure you’re not overloaded – basically again, embrace your nature!)

Writing this blog spontaneously this morning has actually created the extra pressure I needed to get moving (as it’s taken half an hour of my time!) so now I’m ready to go!

New Events

It feels like such a long time since I last hosted any group sessions, and it really has been! With the further loosening of restrictions coming on 17th May I have decided to welcome you back into a group space once more. All group sessions will have a maximum of 6 participants to make sure everyone has plenty of space to themselves, though I appreciate everyone will have different comfort levels after the rollercoaster of the last year so will be asking everyone to be mindful of each other and allow each other plenty of space. I’ve put a Cacao Ceremony and a Yoga Nidra up on the events page so please take a look. I would love to see you in person soon!

Sparks of Joy – Remembering to do things that make you happy!

Do you ever get reminded of something you love doing and think ‘Why don’t I do that anymore?’ Or ‘I forgot how much I love this!’

With all that we have to remember in day to day life, it’s easy to forget to do the things that create those sparks of joy. Or even to forget what those things even are!

I recommend making a list that you can go back to regularly. And in that list make sure you have some things that take just seconds – e.g. stepping outside and breathing for a moment, jumping up and down, singing, looking at a treasured photo. And some things that take a little longer, for when you have a little longer – e.g. Putting on your favourite album and singing all the way through, painting your nails, having a special bath, doing a face mask, going for a run.

The important thing is making sure you have things on your list that lift you up (not things that other people have said work for them). Try them, test them, and then only write down the things that actually work for you.

And keep your list close 💛

Sparks of Joy – Sleeping kitten

I wonder if you’re also familiar with this feeling… a sort of peaceful warmth that you can breathe into your heart and it spreads around your whole body and for a moment or two every part of you relaxes? That’s the feeling I get when I spend any time with my sleeping kitten.

She’s the most beautiful being when she’s awake – full of energy and mischief with the sweetest little face. But when she’s asleep there’s just the most adorable vulnerability and softness I can’t do justice to with words. All I can do is breathe it in. It’s magic stuff you know. It works for me even if she’s not there, just imagining her sleeping or looking at a photo brings the same feelings. The perfect calmer when needed. You’re welcome to try it yourself with this photo. Just stop what you’re doing. Be still. And imagine that you breathe in and out through your heart itself. When you breathe in, imagine your heart expanding, filling with your breath. When you breathe out feel your heart relaxing and sending your breath back out. Imagine that you’re breathing love in and out of your heart. And gaze at my kitten. (Tip: this also works without the kitten, I like to think of her as an amplifier though 😉)

Maeve sleeping 🥰

Meet the Cats!

I know I’ve already written about them in another post but they really do make me so happy they deserve one of their own, and I’m fairly certain I won’t make it very long without writing about them again as they’re such an important part of my life now.

So, introductions! This is Hoskins. I regularly refer to him as my best friend. He’s a big boy. Only just a year old (we think) and abandoned when he was a kitten (we believe). It’s so hard to know as he’s a stray that adopted us, so we’re having to piece it together a bit with stories from neighbours and our own knowledge of him. And of course the vet telling us how old they think he is!


He’s a lover of naps, climbing trees, making friends, tuna, purring for my Son (but nobody else), head butting legs when he thinks there are treats to be had and catnip mice toys (but only when he feels like it!)

He is very much his own man. He comes and goes pretty much as he pleases and doesn’t like being kept inside (though it’s where he likes to sleep most of the day if the little cat lets him). He has friends around our neighbourhood who he likes to visit often but, so far, he always comes back here to us and spends most of his time either on his chair or out on his bench on the patio.

And this is the little cat, Maeve. She hasn’t lived here long but she’s already stolen all of our hearts. She’s crazy (but I’m told all kittens are!) and so loveable.


Some of her favourite things are Hoskins food (only her own if there’s no alternative), fluffy blankets, running at full speed into furniture, anything that jingles (including my belt while I’m trying to put it on – imagine trying to get a belt through the loops of your jeans with a kitten hanging off the end of it), having a cuddle with your neck and bathrooms – just in general, she’s fascinated with them.

She is an early riser and as she sleeps in our bedroom, it means we are too! My Son, who claims to not really like cats and didn’t want us to adopt any, is in love with her. Me and Maeve often go together to pick him up from work as she loves going out in the car in her carrier. I couldn’t believe it either! Hoskins hates it but Maeve gets in voluntarily when she thinks we’re going somewhere!

So they are my babies! My Son is only mildly jealous… But really he would go mad if I wrote about him here and posted photos 😱 Let’s see if I manage to restrain myself!

Sparks of Joy – Getting out for a walk at the end of the day!

Some days my work has me sitting for the whole day. Luckily with the coming of Spring has come longer days and the ability to get out and walk when I finish.

Just being able to stretch my legs and get my heart pumping a bit is a great antidote to my often sedentary day. And it’s made even better when I have some company – like my Mum who often walks with me (and makes me walk up too many hills!). And better still if the sky is clear and the sun makes an appearance.

I would love to hear some of your little lifts in your day. Please do share 💛