Big Cacao Weekend coming up!

Next weekend I’m at the Wedoyoga Summer Festival all day on Saturday 13th August with a Cacao opening ceremony then talking Cacao and Therapy, then it’s my monthly Cacao ceremony on Sunday 14th! This feels exciting for a number of reasons. Firstly, on Sunday we will have our ceremony at my very dear friend Claire’sContinue reading “Big Cacao Weekend coming up!”

Last Minute Cacao and Yoga Nidra this Saturday!

I’m feeling called to offer a space for us to gather this coming Saturday and have decided that the beautiful partnership of a Cacao ceremony and Yoga Nidra feel the perfect combination. If you haven’t attended one of these before, you’re in for a treat! The beautifully heart opening and soothing properties of Cacao combinedContinue reading “Last Minute Cacao and Yoga Nidra this Saturday!”

The Website is nearly finished!

After many months of fiddling and adjusting, the website is almost ready to go! I’m not sure if I will get to the point where I feel it is totally finished as I’m sure there will always be something to move or wording to play with so I may just get on and share itContinue reading “The Website is nearly finished!”


Every morning, one of the first things I experience is my two cats chasing each other through our home. Incessantly. They run and they run, they play and they chase. I try picking one up to calm them down and encourage something slower and more relaxed, but they’re so in their game they scramble toContinue reading “Rushing…”

Sparks of Joy – Remembering to do things that make you happy!

Do you ever get reminded of something you love doing and think ‘Why don’t I do that anymore?’ Or ‘I forgot how much I love this!’ With all that we have to remember in day to day life, it’s easy to forget to do the things that create those sparks of joy. Or even toContinue reading “Sparks of Joy – Remembering to do things that make you happy!”

Sparks of Joy – Sleeping kitten

I wonder if you’re also familiar with this feeling… a sort of peaceful warmth that you can breathe into your heart and it spreads around your whole body and for a moment or two every part of you relaxes? That’s the feeling I get when I spend any time with my sleeping kitten. She’s theContinue reading “Sparks of Joy – Sleeping kitten”

Sparks of Joy – Getting out for a walk at the end of the day!

Some days my work has me sitting for the whole day. Luckily with the coming of Spring has come longer days and the ability to get out and walk when I finish. Just being able to stretch my legs and get my heart pumping a bit is a great antidote to my often sedentary day.Continue reading “Sparks of Joy – Getting out for a walk at the end of the day!”