A Proper Hello

My first hello was really me saying hello to blogging, not to anyone who might be reading. As I’m just at the stage of very tentatively building my website it hadn’t occurred to me that people I didn’t already know would be reading it (because I don’t know how this all works!) But new people are following my blog – thank you so much 💛 – so I thought I’d better say a proper hello!

So, I’m Suzanne. I’m Mum to a gorgeous 18 year old Son (who I’m immensely proud of) and, as you may have seen from another post, 2 beautiful cats – a big boy and a little girl. I live in Hitchin Hertfordshire in England with these guys and my Partner.

I’ve been a Therapist for about 12 years, having trained initially in Psychotherapy, Counselling and Hypnotherapy. Many courses later I have found my niche as an Integrative Therapist who also teaches meditation and leads Cacao Ceremonies. You will find more about all of this on the about and services page of my website.

Having worked a little out of the box in the past, I’ve found this last year of working during Covid has forced me to be more flexible in how I work, and embrace online sessions and meeting outdoors. I have to say, it’s been great and proved really effective (according to feedback from some of my clients).

I have also run a Holistic centre for the past almost 9 years – Harmony. This had been a dream of mine and I absolutely loved creating a space that allowed other Therapists and Teachers a space to work, and a place for the community to come to feel better. There is such a great need for well-being spaces in all communities and I feel so grateful I got to contribute to that for all these years.

I did hide behind Harmony a little though. I’m realising that more and more now. Because I loved promoting the centre and the other people working there, I haven’t really done any self promotion for a long time. And after a year of working on my own (as the centre was pretty much closed for a lot of it) I’ve realised I want to do this now.

So it’s time for me to hand over the reigns to someone new. And luckily the perfect person appeared in Roxanne Peacock. She is young, energetic and passionate about what she does. She has a drive to serve the community and is excited about the future of Harmony. I couldn’t have found anyone better.

So right now, I’m in a bit of a transitional period in my life. Shifting my focus. Moving away from the centre that has been such a big and important part of my life for so long, and working out how to launch me on my own. Some days this is challenging. I’ve been going through a lot of different emotions over the last couple of months. And I’m trying to allow space for all of them, even when they feel horrible. Got to practice what I preach right? But in there too is a sense of hope and excitement, which are also getting their airtime!

So I’m really glad you’re joining me on this exciting (and sometimes scary) journey. I would love to know where you are and what brought you here – is there a comments thing on here??

I’m sure I’ve got more to say on this but for now, that’s me!

6 thoughts on “A Proper Hello

  1. Love this Suzanne, honest and real and will resonate with so many others too I’m sure. Can’t wait to see what your exciting new journey got in store for you! Xx

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