Every morning, one of the first things I experience is my two cats chasing each other through our home. Incessantly. They run and they run, they play and they chase. I try picking one up to calm them down and encourage something slower and more relaxed, but they’re so in their game they scramble to get back to it. Until they have worn themselves out, then they want to eat breakfast and go to sleep.

I am trying to find some energy this morning as feel extra tired (I think because it’s been so warm this week and sleep has been difficult) so am trying to channel some of this high energy from the cats. This morning I have lots to get done and I’ve realised that I get more done if I’m in a rush – if there’s lots I need to do in a short space of time. And when there’s all the time in the world I just can’t find that same productivity.

I wonder if any of you can relate to this? There’s a saying, something like ‘if you want something done, give it to a busy person.’ And from my work with my clients I have come across many others who work most productively when there is a little pressure. And if that pressure isn’t there, it’s almost impossible to get things done.

I’ve found from experience (both my own and my clients) that the best thing to do is to wholeheartedly embrace this way of working. Like the cats – put 100% energy into the game, the chase and then rest when the pressures off – eat and sleep.

Rather than feeling guilty for not steadily getting things done and adding extra stress by leaving things until the pressure is on, accept that this is how you work best. Accept that the pressure is what drives you and embrace the rest that comes before and after.

Be driven when you are driven. And look after yourself extra in the down times to compensate. And most of all accept yourself, exactly as you are. Why fight against it?

The fight against our nature is what can cause the extra stress, and shame and guilt and feeling of inadequacy.

So why not give it a try? What have you got to lose? (Other than stress, shame etc etc). If this is how you work anyway, give yourself permission!

(Of course, this isn’t everyone’s way of working so the opposite applies too – if you work better slow and steady and find pressured situations tough – find ways to get extra time on projects, make plans to schedule jobs to ensure you’re not overloaded – basically again, embrace your nature!)

Writing this blog spontaneously this morning has actually created the extra pressure I needed to get moving (as it’s taken half an hour of my time!) so now I’m ready to go!

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