Big Cacao Weekend coming up!

Next weekend I’m at the Wedoyoga Summer Festival all day on Saturday 13th August with a Cacao opening ceremony then talking Cacao and Therapy, then it’s my monthly Cacao ceremony on Sunday 14th!

This feels exciting for a number of reasons. Firstly, on Sunday we will have our ceremony at my very dear friend Claire’s studio. This is the first time I’ve held anything in her space, usually it’s where I go for me – for yoga and for sound baths, so this feels really lovely!

Secondly, the energy of holding a cacao ceremony for big groups at the last Wedoyoga festival was amazing, so I can’t wait to be there again!

And finally, I recently did more Cacao training with the beautiful Natalie Namaste and feel so connected to the Cacao at the moment, so I’m delighted to have the opportunity to share it with so many people next weekend!

You can find more information about my Cacao ceremony in the events page, and head over to for tickets to the festival on Saturday.

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