Meet the Cats!

I know I’ve already written about them in another post but they really do make me so happy they deserve one of their own, and I’m fairly certain I won’t make it very long without writing about them again as they’re such an important part of my life now.

So, introductions! This is Hoskins. I regularly refer to him as my best friend. He’s a big boy. Only just a year old (we think) and abandoned when he was a kitten (we believe). It’s so hard to know as he’s a stray that adopted us, so we’re having to piece it together a bit with stories from neighbours and our own knowledge of him. And of course the vet telling us how old they think he is!


He’s a lover of naps, climbing trees, making friends, tuna, purring for my Son (but nobody else), head butting legs when he thinks there are treats to be had and catnip mice toys (but only when he feels like it!)

He is very much his own man. He comes and goes pretty much as he pleases and doesn’t like being kept inside (though it’s where he likes to sleep most of the day if the little cat lets him). He has friends around our neighbourhood who he likes to visit often but, so far, he always comes back here to us and spends most of his time either on his chair or out on his bench on the patio.

And this is the little cat, Maeve. She hasn’t lived here long but she’s already stolen all of our hearts. She’s crazy (but I’m told all kittens are!) and so loveable.


Some of her favourite things are Hoskins food (only her own if there’s no alternative), fluffy blankets, running at full speed into furniture, anything that jingles (including my belt while I’m trying to put it on – imagine trying to get a belt through the loops of your jeans with a kitten hanging off the end of it), having a cuddle with your neck and bathrooms – just in general, she’s fascinated with them.

She is an early riser and as she sleeps in our bedroom, it means we are too! My Son, who claims to not really like cats and didn’t want us to adopt any, is in love with her. Me and Maeve often go together to pick him up from work as she loves going out in the car in her carrier. I couldn’t believe it either! Hoskins hates it but Maeve gets in voluntarily when she thinks we’re going somewhere!

So they are my babies! My Son is only mildly jealous… But really he would go mad if I wrote about him here and posted photos 😱 Let’s see if I manage to restrain myself!

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