Sparks of Joy – Sleeping kitten

I wonder if you’re also familiar with this feeling… a sort of peaceful warmth that you can breathe into your heart and it spreads around your whole body and for a moment or two every part of you relaxes? That’s the feeling I get when I spend any time with my sleeping kitten.

She’s the most beautiful being when she’s awake – full of energy and mischief with the sweetest little face. But when she’s asleep there’s just the most adorable vulnerability and softness I can’t do justice to with words. All I can do is breathe it in. It’s magic stuff you know. It works for me even if she’s not there, just imagining her sleeping or looking at a photo brings the same feelings. The perfect calmer when needed. You’re welcome to try it yourself with this photo. Just stop what you’re doing. Be still. And imagine that you breathe in and out through your heart itself. When you breathe in, imagine your heart expanding, filling with your breath. When you breathe out feel your heart relaxing and sending your breath back out. Imagine that you’re breathing love in and out of your heart. And gaze at my kitten. (Tip: this also works without the kitten, I like to think of her as an amplifier though 😉)

Maeve sleeping 🥰

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