Sparks of Joy – Remembering to do things that make you happy!

Do you ever get reminded of something you love doing and think ‘Why don’t I do that anymore?’ Or ‘I forgot how much I love this!’

With all that we have to remember in day to day life, it’s easy to forget to do the things that create those sparks of joy. Or even to forget what those things even are!

I recommend making a list that you can go back to regularly. And in that list make sure you have some things that take just seconds – e.g. stepping outside and breathing for a moment, jumping up and down, singing, looking at a treasured photo. And some things that take a little longer, for when you have a little longer – e.g. Putting on your favourite album and singing all the way through, painting your nails, having a special bath, doing a face mask, going for a run.

The important thing is making sure you have things on your list that lift you up (not things that other people have said work for them). Try them, test them, and then only write down the things that actually work for you.

And keep your list close 💛

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